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Mashell Carissimi - Owner/CEO

Mashell Carissimi is the owner of JMC Electrical Contractor, LLC. Mashell has over 25 years of business experience - 6 of them in the construction industry. Mashell has a BA in Accounting and a duel MBA in Industrial Management and Human Resources Management.

E-mail:  mcarissimi@jmcelectricllc.com
James Carissimi - President

James Carissimi has been a Master Electrician for the past 30+ years. As a customer favorite, he has worked on many major construction projects in the state of Michigan. Jim's area of expertise is communication and electrical installation and maintenance.

E-mail:  jcarissimi@jmcelectricllc.com
Ken Cole - VP of Operations
Richard Shaffer - VP of Technology
Christine Lochridge - Controller

Christine is JMC's controller with 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Her areas of expertise are construction accounting, contracts, and lien information. Christine is an avid dog lover. She has rescued 6 since 1995 and still currently has 2 at home.

E-mail:  clochridge@jmcelectricllc.com
Shane Radigan - Project Manager

Shane Radigan has been in the construction industry for the past 20 years. As a project manager, his primary goal is managing projects to meet project objectives.He has a degree in electrical engineering from St. Clair College. Shane is Canadian and commutes back and forth each day from Canada.

E-mail:  sradigan@jmcelectricllc.com
James Todero - Superintendent
Steve Gittler - Estimator

Steve Gittler is an Estimator with 20 years of experience and training from RETS Electronic School, NECA Estimating, and Project Management courses.

E-mail:  sgittler@jmcelectricllc.com
Gerald Lajiness - IT Manager / Project Coordinator

Gerald Lajiness is a project coordinator with 6 years experience in the construction field. Gerald is also JMC's Webmaster, IT Manager, and BIM Manager.

E-mail:  glajiness@jmcelectricllc.com
Kyle Oscarson - Warehouse Manager

Kyle has held many titles in the construction industry over the past 13 years. He now manages the JMC warehouse and also keeps track of inventory and delivers materials.

E-mail:  koscarson@jmcelectricllc.com
Alex Oscarson - Purchasing
Michel Carissimi - Accounts Payable

Michel Carissimi handles JMC's accounts payable. She has been in the construction industry for 6 years. Michel's area of expertise is accounts payable. She is currently in college working on her bachelor's degree in management.

E-mail:  mrcarissimi@jmcelectricllc.com
Terri Todero - Accounts Receivable
Toylise Jones-Vaughn - Safety Director / HR Manager